McCord Elementary

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Uniform Dress Code

McCord Student Dress and Grooming


McCord School has a mandatory uniform dress code: Disciplinary action may take place for students who are not on uniform waivers and are not in uniform.


Shirts and Blouses

Types:  Polos, Oxford, Turtleneck, Dress Shirt

                Colors:  White, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, or Burgundy

                ·               Must have collar that turns over

                ·               Must have sleeves (short or long)

                ·               No logos or markings

                ·               Solid colors only

                ·               No T-shirts


Pants and Shorts (*Jeans are only allowed on Fridays with a McCord spirit shirt.  No Exceptions.)

                Colors:   Navy Blue and Khaki

                ·               Solid colors only

                ·               Must be at least mid-thigh in length and not extend below the knee

                ·               Fitted at waist (belted or elastic, drawstring)

                ·               Twill or cotton blend (*no jeans or Levis)

                ·               Sweats must be navy blue

                ·               Pants, shorts, belts may not be more than one size too large or too small

                ·               No leggings


Skirts, Jumpers, Skorts, Culottes

                Colors:  Navy Blue and Khaki

                ·               Solid colors only

                ·               Two inches above the knee


Belts:      No Web Belts


Footwear:  Footwear must always be worn and should provide a firm walking and running surface, good balance, secure attachment to the foot, and be appropriate for participation in all school activities. No thongs, flip-flops or open toe sandals.


Coats: Parent Choice, but not overly large or small.  Jackets and Sweatshirts with camouflage or that depicts professional sport teams shall not be worn.


Students wearing uniforms everyday may be chosen to participate in weekly lunch recess activities referred to as Shake-it-Up Fridays. There will also be other activities where students in uniforms will be rewarded.


Consequences for Uniform violation:

1ST Offense -  Teacher verbal warning

2nd Offense -  Notice sent home by teacher

3rd Offense -  Student sent to the office and parent contact made

4th Offense -  Responsibility Room and Parent contact

5th Offense -  ODR – Minor offense