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 McCord Elementary

McCord is a family with heart, with members who are responsible,

respectful and believe that they can achieve!


McCord Elementary School will provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to progress academically and to become productive members of society.  PBIS aims to decrease behavioral infractions showing year-over-year improvement. PBIS assists towards this end as it is based upon the concept of teaching behaviors that will prevent noncompliance. We will provide this through the implementation of PBIS, which promotes the following:


  • Development of clearly defined and consistent student expectations and accountabilities which reflect McCord’s motto;

 Has a good attitude

Ensures everyone is safe

Above and beyond


Treats others with respect


  • Communication and collaboration between administration, staff, families and community.


  • Maintenance of an open ended flexible approach through the use of a data driven informational system.


  • Educationally sound methods that foster student character, safety, academic excellence and individual citizenship.


Classroom Teacher Responsibilities


1.  Teachers will define, teach, model, and practice each of the McCord HEART behavioral expectations.


2.  Teachers will display and use the classroom expectations based upon the McCord HEART expectations. (Classroom expectations are to be posted in the classroom)


3.  Teachers will implement targeted classroom interventions consistently and with fidelity every day. 


4.  Teachers will develop and/or use PBIS established strategies for recognizing students who meet and/or exceed McCord HEART behaviors school-wide and classroom expectations using informal and formal recognition programs such as McCord Blue Slips or Mustang of the Month.


Staff Personnel Responsibilities


1.  Staff personnel are defined as all adults with supervisory authority, including those assigned to yard duty, lunch duty,     bus duty, and all teachers whose students are in attendance at assemblies.


2.  All classroom teachers are involved as supervisors at various points within the school day and/or school year.


3.  Staff personnel will circulate among students and observe students to see that they are meeting school-wide expectations in all non-classroom settings of the school.


4.  Staff personnel will talk with students and provide feedback based on the school-wide expectations.


5.  Staff personnel will develop and/or use PBIS established strategies for recognizing students who meet and/or exceed school-wide and classroom expectations such as McCord Blue Slips.

McCord School-Wide Behavior Goal

2017 – 2018

 By the end of the 2017 – 2018 school year, we will decrease the number of ODR’s

for classroom defiance during class time by 20%.

 Baseline data for 2016-2017 is 130 ODR’s. The goal will be 104 or less.


McCord School-Wide Academic Goal

                                               2017 – 2018                                                     

By March of 2018, 35% of students in grades 2nd – 5th will grow by 100 points in SRI.

By March of 2018, 45% of the First Grade students will be proficient or advance in DRA Level 10.

By March of 2018, 60% of the Kindergarten students will be proficient or advance in DRA Level 2.


Behavior Celebrations:
 August 2017                             Thursday, August 31
       Ext Recess 9:30-10               *All students will attend
September 2017                        Friday, September 29               Ext Recess 9:30-10
October 2017                             Friday, October 27

     Ext Recess 9:30 – 10


November 2017                         Friday, December 1

    Trimester Celebration

        K-1 @ 12:35 – 1:20

       2-3 @ 1:26 – 2:11

   4-5 @ 2:15 – 3


 December 2017/January 2018              

Thursday, February 1

      Ext Recess 9:30 -10


February 2018                            Wednesday, February 28

    Ext Recess 9:30 – 10


 March 2018                                Thursday, March 22

    Trimester Celebration

        K-1 @ 12:35 – 1:20

       2-3 @ 1:26 – 2:11

  4-5 @ 2:15 – 3


 April 2018                                  Friday, April 27

    Ext Recess 9:30 -10


May 2018                                    Friday, May 25

    Trimester Celebration

        K-1 @ 12:35 – 1:20

      2-3 @ 1:26 – 2:11

 4-5 @ 2:15 – 3